Exotic Car Insurance

If you are the proud owner of an Exotic car or a Supercar, you’ve found a friend at Richardson Insurance Services. We have policies that are as highly customized and unique as your car, and we will never settle for offering you a policy that is less than what your car deserves.

Classic Car Insurance

We’re as passionate about cars as you are. Our deep knowledge of cars and their owners allows us to offer you better classic car insurance coverage for less.

Our policy allows occasional pleasure use with no fixed mileage restrictions. With, you can go for a weekend drive, take your vehicle up to the local ice cream shop or attend unlimited events and cruises.

Mortorcyle Insurance

How do you enjoy your motorcycle? You might be a weekend warrior who cruises up the coast on sunny afternoons. Maybe you use your bike to navigate a traffic-clogged commute. Or you may take it on long journeys — experiencing the open road and an ever-changing landscape.

However and wherever you ride, we can show you customizable coverage options.

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Your Southern California Licensed Hagerty Agent

At Hagerty, our love for cars and their owners drives our business forward,
allowing us to offer you better classic car insurance coverage for less.
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